Ponds / Water Gardens

If you have ample space in your yard and want koi, goldfish and aquatic plants then a Water Garden (Pond) is for you. Add a streambed to enhance the look as well!

Pond-Less Waterfalls

Cascading Waterfalls are simply re-circulating waterfalls or streams without the presence of a pond. Now you can enjoy the sights and sounds of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond.

Retaining Wall Waterfalls

Anyone installing a paver patio with a wall element should consider a Formal Falls. Or anyone looking to add a formal

sheer waterfall to their landscape, or fountain.

Beautiful Pond /  Water Garden
Bubbling Rock Fountain
Ceramic Vase Fountain on patio
Bubbling Boulder

Bubbling Boulder Fountains are beautiful stone elements that you can have anywhere in your yard. Several standard sizes and shapes are available.

Column Fountain

Column Fountains are extremely unique by design and deliver more than just bubbling water as they are designed for water to fall with expression and help disguise the sounds of your busy neighborhood.

Vase Fountain

Garden environments, entryways, driveways or courtyards are all enhanced by the presence of a fountain.

Bubbling Rock Fountain
Column Fountains
Ceramic Vase Fountain on patio
Copper Tree Fountains

Copper Fountain Trees bring together art, metal, & water exactly where they belong...at your home. Create a striking visual both during the day & at night as water dances from leaf to leaf all while lights capture the shimmering droplets of water.

Garden Fountains

Cast Stone Garden Fountains add beauty and tranquility to your home and garden setting. Different styles of garden fountain include European, Asian, Modern, Italian, French and Spanish.

Basalt Columns

Basalt fountains elicit a response similar to viewing ocean waves or sitting beside a mountain stream. The movement of water over natural stone brings the basalt alive, creating a soothing, contemplative atmosphere.